Vertical Lines on the Teeth After Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening continues to be a popular method for restoring smiles by removing unsightly stains. If you are tired of the way your teeth look, your dentist can help. While there are at-home options available, in-office treatments work more quickly and can last longer. You can enjoy the attractive teeth you have been wanting. Some people may notice lines on teeth following a round of treatment. You should understand what this means and what to do about it.

How teeth whitening works

Over the years, eating certain foods and drinking different beverages can stain teeth. Poor oral hygiene can have the same effect, turning teeth yellow, gray, or brown. At the dentist’s office, patients can make one or two visits and change the color of their teeth by several shades. This works by the dentist applying a hydrogen peroxide gel on the patient’s teeth. Light activates the compound, as the hydrogen peroxide penetrates the teeth and breaks down the stains. The process can take less than an hour.

Lines on the teeth

It is not uncommon for people to have vertical lines on their teeth. This happens as the enamel begins to weaken due to a lack of brushing. Food leaves behind bacteria which can erode the enamel layer over time. Enamel can also thin due to excess pressure from biting into hard objects. As the enamel becomes thinner, white lines become more visible.

How whitening procedures bring out the lines

People may not notice these lines on their teeth before teeth whitening. By removing dark stains, it is less difficult to see these vertical lines. The more effective a whitening treatment is, the more apparent the lines will be. The lines can affect the person’s smile and make the individual feel self-conscious.

What to do about the lines

The good news is that these vertical lines will often disappear not long after getting teeth whitening. The lines usually blend in with the new shade of teeth. The lines themselves should not cause problems with the person’s oral health. In rare cases, the lines remain on the teeth. If this happens, the patient should call the dentist and schedule an examination.

Maintaining white teeth

There are advantages to getting teeth whitening in the office instead of using store-bought products. A dentist only has to apply the gel one or two times for the person to start seeing results. With toothpaste or whitening strips, the process can take weeks or months. However, the teeth can begin to discolor once again if the person is not vigilant.

Consistent brushing is vital. Patients should also limit the consumption of coffee, tea, alcohol, and soda. The individual should also see the dentist at least twice a year. The dentist will follow up and make sure the whitening treatment was effective.

Enjoy your new smile

Do not be disappointed if you see lines on your teeth following a teeth whitening session. This is common and should not cause alarm. You likely had these lines all along but could not see them through the stains. Now that your teeth are white, the lines are more visible. Give it time, and the lines should fade into the new color shade.

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