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Teeth whitening can change your smile and your life. Over-the-counter products promise whiter teeth after weeks of continuous use. This may be fine for some people, but others want quick results. If you want to know more about teeth whitening from your dentist, here are the details.

Why in-chair teeth whitening is the preferred option

Many people are fond of taking different dental whitening products home. Strips, gels, toothpaste, and mouthwash are some of the common items. These products promise whiter teeth with continuous use. Results may become evident in some, but for most, they do not. That is why in-office teeth whitening is still the most sought-after method.

The kits sold in stores do not come with the same chemical strength as dentists use. This puts consumers at a big disadvantage. Even with all the claims that companies make, the formulas are not effective enough. Regardless of the number of applications or different products that someone tries, over-the-counter products will not provide users with the desired outcome.

Store-bought dental whitening kits seldom work. Most people do not follow the instructions correctly. Some go against the instructions if there are no immediate results. Thinking that the product could be more effective if the whitening gel stays on teeth longer can cause harm to the soft tissues of the mouth.

In-chair whitening is the standout

Teeth whitening kits come with too many risks. An in-chair whitening procedure removes these risks. The same applies to take-home whitening trays from a dentist. In both methods, a dentist will evaluate the patient’s needs.

The dentist will use the information when treating the patient. The in-office teeth whitening will be custom-fit. The dentist will select the right chemical type and strength. The dentist will also determine the appropriate treatment time.

Buying a kit at a local store or from an online merchant means going by the seller’s information. The buyer must depend on the instructions on the label. Teeth whitening from a dentist will include a consultation. It will also need an examination before the treatment starts. This will ensure the patient of correct dosage and treatment time.

The dentist will use a high percentage of peroxide gel. Applying the gel with a syringe will prevent spilling it along the sides of the trays. The dentist will activate the bleaching agent with a halogen, LED, or UV light. A laser or lamp can deliver the light. The dentist will direct the light at the patient’s treated teeth.

Take-home whitening trays

This is another form of dental whitening from a dentist. It is for individuals who cannot have the procedure at the clinic. In-office whitening treatment is quick. This one takes a little time. The patient will administer the whitening gel and use the custom trays. Routine checks with the dentist can help maintain the whiteness of the teeth.

The dentist will need to take an impression of the patient’s teeth. The dental lab will need them to create the custom-fit whitening trays. Filling these trays with carbamide peroxide-based whitening gel will come next. Wearing the trays at home according to the directions of the dentist will not harm the soft tissues of the mouth. Regular treatments can help keep the gradual whitening going. This will lead to whitening by the end of the treatment period.

The ADA says that whitening gel concentration is often from 10% to about 38% carbamide peroxide. The treatment period also varies from 2-10 hours every day. This could last for about 28 days. Some over-the-counter teeth whitening kits come with the same strength of carbamide. But these products do not have custom-fit trays. That is why the results are not as good as take-home trays from a dentist.

Removable and permanent stains

A dentist can remove stains from consuming tobacco, dark-colored foods, staining drinks, and eating habits. Dental discoloration from excessive fluoride, tetracycline, trauma, and inorganic stains cannot improve with ordinary in-office whitening treatments. These will be permanent stains. The dentist will likely recommend permanent stain correction. Dental crowns, veneers, or bonding can cover up these permanent stains. Discussing the right type of dental whitening option can help prepare the patient.

Teeth whitening can show how much you love yourself

Going through the teeth whitening process is something you deserve. Thanks to in-chair whitening, you never have to feel self-conscious or embarrassed again. Just contact a dental clinic and schedule an appointment. If you have little time to spare, you can also get a tray from a dentist to use at home.

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