Why Invisalign May Be Better for a Teen

Why Invisalign May Be Better for a Teen from Palm Beach Dentistry in Delray Beach, FLIf you and your child are interested in an alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign® may be just what you are looking for. It is just as effective at straightening teeth as traditional braces but has certain qualities that make it more tolerable for teenagers.

Why is treatment to straighten teeth recommended in adolescence?

It is usually preferable to wait to delay teeth straightening treatment until all the baby teeth are out of the mouth and all the permanent teeth have come in. That is why this treatment usually begins in late childhood or early adolescence. While it is possible to straighten adults' teeth, it is beneficial to start during adolescence before the bones of the skull have completely fused together.

Why should you consider Invisalign® for your teen?

Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign®, but if your child's malalignment is relatively mild, it may be an option. For teenagers who are candidates for clear aligners, it works just as well at straightening teeth as traditional braces while offering certain other advantages.

Less irritation

Traditional braces consist of metal wires and brackets. When these hard components rub up against the soft tissues of the cheeks and lips, they can cause friction. The tissues inside the mouth are delicate and sensitive, and the constant pressure can cause irritation and sore spots. Invisalign® is made of smooth plastic, so it does not produce as much irritation due to friction.

Better oral hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene is important when your teen is going through the treatment so that, once the teeth are straight, they are still healthy. Brushing and flossing with braces attached to the teeth is more challenging. Clear aligners are removable, making it easier for your child to brush and floss after every meal.

Fewer restrictions

Traditional braces put limits on the things your teen can eat and drink. Foods that are hard, sticky, and chewy can bend wires and pull brackets off teeth. Because your teen removes clear aligners for eating and drinking, no food is completely forbidden during the treatment. As a result, there is also less chance that you have to make an emergency call about acute damage to braces.

Near invisibility

While there are variations on traditional braces to make them less noticeable, they always remain visible. Invisalign® is made of clear plastic that is fitted to the teeth. This makes the aligners very difficult to see, even if you are specifically looking for them.

Improved self-confidence

Teenagers can feel self-conscious about their appearance and may go out of their way to hide the braces on their teeth. Regardless of how noticeable their braces are to others, they may make teens feel uncomfortably conspicuous. Because clear aligners are practically invisible, teens feel more comfortable and less inhibited when wearing them.

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Invisalign® offers significant advantages over traditional braces that may make it a better treatment option to straighten the teeth of your teenage child.

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