What is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Delray Beach, FL

Invisalign® is a clear aligner system used to straighten crooked teeth in a similar manner to braces. However, these aligners are much less obtrusive than braces and are replaced with new ones as teeth gradually move into the desired placement. The normal timeline for this type of treatment is around a year to 18 months, but the express option can cut that time down to six months.

Differences between normal and express Invisalign®

Patients can make the right choice by looking at the main differences between the aligner system options. Personal needs may also play a role in a patient’s decision.

Small dental issues

Because it works with a shorter deadline, and therefore has less time to work on teeth, Invisalign® Express is generally for people with small straightening issues. Minor misalignments, crowding issues, or spacing problems can all be solved with this option. Traditional aligners take more time to address larger problems. As these devices are transparent and convenient, they can be better suited than braces for patients with minor issues as well.

Number of devices

The number of aligners varies greatly between traditional and express options. Those taking the traditional route can expect to go through 20 to 30 aligners during the entire process. A professional creates a plan for each patient and recommends how often an aligner should be swapped out for a new one (usually every week or two). Express involves far fewer devices, approximately 10. These are also changed out every couple of weeks.


Because Invisalign® Express only requires changing between 10 sets of aligners, the overall process takes much less time. A patient may have straight teeth at the end of just six months. On the other hand, traditional options can take twice as long, and straightening with braces can take several years.

Personal needs

Some people simply do not want the clunky aesthetic of braces, especially older teens or adults. Although aligners still must be worn at all times except during eating, brushing, and flossing, some patients prefer this less-visible alternative. There are also individuals who only want to correct certain small issues with alignment and would like a shorter treatment time. What a patient wants and what a patient’s teeth need can be balanced with the option of Invisalign® Express.

The aligner treatment process

The process for the express choice is very similar to the traditional one. Patients see a dental professional to get teeth measured and assessed. During the consultation, a treatment plan is established and a mold is taken to create the aligners. Patients are advised on how long to wear the devices every day. As the teeth gradually begin to move, old trays are exchanged for new ones to continue the alignment process. Once all the aligners are used, teeth should be straight and beautiful.


There is no need to feel self-conscious about fixing a crooked smile. Invisalign® Express offers quick treatments and beautiful results without discomfort over personal appearance.  

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