What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full Mouth Reconstruction Delray Beach, FL

Has your dentist said that you need a full mouth reconstruction? The sound of this alone may be confusing or even scary. But, your oral health needs or cosmetic preferences may need that a reconstruction takes place. To ease your mind, you should learn everything you can about what this means and what the results can be. If you do not like the way your mouth looks, reconstruction procedures can help. A full mouth reconstruction can also help if you have intense pain and discomfort.

Getting help from the dentist

A general dentist focuses on the care, treatment, and prevention of various oral conditions. The dentist will examine patients and identify emerging concerns such as tooth decay or gum disease. Dentists can also screen for oral cancer and help with aesthetic issues such as teeth whitening and teeth misalignments. The dentist can also do restorative care to relieve pain and renew smiles. Patients who need a full mouth reconstruction can turn to the dentist first.

Revitalizing the mouth

When a patient has multiple conditions affecting their oral health, a full mouth reconstruction can address them all. These include various treatments such as dental implants, crowns, and bridges. Reconstruction may also involve gum health by doing planing, scaling, or gum contouring. The dentist may even work with patients who have jaw dysfunctions such as TMJ or misplacements.

The process

When a patient needs a full mouth reconstruction, there will usually be multiple appointments. Getting implants alone, for example, can take several months and two or three separate visits to the dentist’s office. Getting a crown or a set of dentures means the patient will first need a series of X-rays or impressions. With every procedure, the dentist will explain what the patient can expect. This will include the benefits and challenges with every step.

The recovery

Patients should be aware that recovery from a full mouth reconstruction will vary from individual to individual. The amount of time will depend on how serious the person’s conditions were and how complicated the surgery was. People who undergo a reconstruction should spend at least 24 hours after the procedure resting and avoiding strenuous activity. To relieve soreness and discomfort, the patient should apply an ice pack to the affected area. Taking pain medication according to the dentist’s orders can also help. Fortunately, most people feel well in a few days and can resume normal tasks.

The results of a full mouth reconstruction

Patients who undergo a full mouth reconstruction should feel positive about their outlook. Restoration procedures can revive smiles and help a person have an improved self-image. A reconstruction can also benefit the patient’s health. This is a good way to reduce the risk of future tooth decay, gum disease, or infection.

Get the help you need today

If you have been living with tooth, gum, or jaw pain, your dentist can provide relief. If you do not like your smile or the shape of your mouth, a full mouth reconstruction could be the answer to your concerns. Visit your dentist today and discuss your options. You could be a candidate for these procedures.

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