What Can You Do for a Chipped Tooth?

Posted on: July 15, 2018

chipped tooth

Do you have a chipped tooth? Anytime you experience a chip or break in one of your teeth it can really get in the way of being able to perform your everyday functions. If the damage to your teeth can be seen when you smile, then it is likely that you will try to hide your teeth when you smile. If the damage is causing you any type of dental pain, then it can be difficult for you to focus on anything other than the pain.

Common ways people chip their teeth

Some of the more common ways that people will experience a chip in their tooth include:

  • Being involved in an auto accident
  • Being involved in a bicycle accident
  • Falling down
  • Chewing on ice cubes
  • Biting down on hard food items like popcorn kernels, nuts and candy
  • Using teeth to open drinks, packages, etc.
  • Being diagnosed with bruxism

What to do for a chipped tooth

The following are four options that dental patients can choose from when they have a chip in their tooth.

Option #1 – dental veneers. Dental veneers are also known as porcelain veneers and can be bonded to the front of a chipped tooth in order to make the tooth once again look natural and healthy.

Option #2 – tooth bonding. Tooth bonding requires a dentist to use a special material in order to repair the chip in the tooth. The bonding material can be easily manipulated to look like a natural tooth and is a common dental procedure for tooth repair.

Option #3 – tooth contouring. Also known as tooth reshaping, tooth contouring allows a dentist to make shaping adjustments to the tooth in order to make it look like the chip never happened in the first place.

Option #4 – dental crowns. Dental crowns are made to be placed over a chipped tooth and completely hide any large chips the dental patient may have.

Got a chip in one of your teeth?

If you currently have a chipped tooth and are wondering what your options are when it comes to repairing the chip, you can make an appointment in order to get a professional evaluation from one of our experienced dentists. Keep in mind that if you keep putting off the repair, it is likely that the damage will get worse. If the tooth becomes too damaged, it may need to be pulled. The longer you are able to keep your natural teeth, the better, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible so you can get that chip in your tooth taken care of.


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