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For fixing different tooth-related problems, Invisalign retainers have become the go-to solution. Just like the field of medicine, the world of dentistry has gone through some incredible advances. In particular, orthodontics. Although a general dentist still recommends braces to some patients, more now suggest clear retainers.

What is this registered trademark product?

There are plenty of clear retainers now on the market. However, for optimal results, a general dentist recommends Invisalign. Made from a patented thermoplastic material, these retainers are comfortable to wear. Also, a dental laboratory customizes each tray on a patient-by-patient basis. That enhances the comfort level while expediting the correction process.

What problems do Invisalign retainers fix?

The broad range of problems that Invisalign retainers fix is one of its many advantages. Invisalign corrects crooked teeth, front-teeth gaps, underbites, overbites and crossbites. People can wear these retainers with or without crowns, veneers and even implants. The process of getting these retainers is quick and easy. Plus, there is no discomfort or pain involved.

Complaints about braces

For some patients, a general dentist still recommends traditional braces. However, more and more people like the results that wearers get with Invisalign. One issue with traditional braces is that these consist of metal components. That means there is a risk of patients cutting off their tongue, gums or cheeks. People with braces even have limitations as to the types of foods they can eat.

Perhaps the biggest complaint is that the tightening process does not feel very good. For some, it downright hurts. The other issue is that to straighten teeth, a person could end up wearing braces anywhere from two to five years. Especially for teenagers, that can create a lot of embarrassment.

Why go with Invisalign retainers?

There are so many reasons to go with Invisalign retainers — one of these is that these retainers are clear. That means it is nearly impossible for other people to tell when someone has a tray in. Sometimes, a general dentist needs to attach rubber bands to the retainers. This is for more stubborn tooth problems. However, those bands are tooth-colored, so they too are nearly impossible to see.

Of all the benefits that Invisalign retainers provide the biggest is that, on average, they correct tooth-related problems in only 12 months. For minor issues, patients achieve optimal results in less time. By making new retainer trays every four weeks, these work much faster than braces. The procedure is easy, quick and harmless. In addition, the success rate of Invisalign is extremely high.

Have your teeth fixed the right way

If a general dentist says you are a good candidate for this treatment, do not hesitate to get Invisalign. You simply wear a tray for 20 hours a day. As for cleaning, you would brush the retainers just as you do your normal teeth. Stop worrying about your teeth and take action. Schedule an appointment with a general dentist today.

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