Common Smile Makeover Procedures for Uneven Teeth

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Crooked teeth can impact a patient's life, but a smile makeover may be the solution. Misaligned teeth not only cause self-consciousness, but they can also lead to a variety of health issues, such as chewing problems, periodontal disease, speech difficulties, and excess wear. Patients with uneven teeth may end up with cracked teeth, TMJ disorder, chronic headaches, and sore jaw muscles. For those looking for a makeover for their uneven smile, there are many procedures to choose from.

What procedures are available for uneven teeth?

When it comes to uneven teeth, many factors may determine the solution the dentist may recommend. Some procedures are a better fit for patients with mildly uneven teeth, whereas others help patients with severe issues. A patient's choice should be based on a dentist's recommendation and personal choice.


Metal braces and clear aligners are among the most common options for aligning teeth in a smile makeover. With traditional braces, the brackets hold in place a wire that applies pressure to the teeth to change their position. For stubborn teeth, dentists may use rubber bands to increase the pressure.

Clear aligners fit over a patient's teeth, similar to a mouthguard. These invisible braces may take longer to straighten teeth than conventional braces but can be more convenient. Patients have the aligners replaced approximately twice a month.


Some patients choose veneers for mild uneven teeth. Porcelain veneers are bonded to the front of the teeth to make the smile appear straight and even. Sometimes patients opt to have a veneer applied to a single tooth or set of teeth.

Gum lift

Uneven gum lines can cause a patient's teeth to look crooked. To create an even gum line, dentists can cut excess tissue that hangs over the teeth. The newly straightened gum line creates a straighter smile. Additionally, the procedure lengthens the appearance of the teeth.

Dental bonding

With dental bonding, the dentist shapes a compound material to create a straight smile. The dentist applies the compound directly to the teeth during the bonding treatment and then shapes it. A bonding treatment can fix the size and shape of teeth to create a straighter smile.

Dental crowns

A dental crown is a cap placed over damaged teeth. For treating uneven teeth, the most common crowns are made from porcelain. The crown looks similar to the patient's natural teeth. When selecting the material for the crown, the dentist considers the tooth's location, the position of gum tissue, the function of the tooth, and the color of surrounding teeth.


Some dentists may recommend surgical procedures to straighten teeth. These procedures may involve repositioning bones and gums that hold the teeth. More involved procedures include surgery that realigns the jaw. Patients who require this type of surgery tend to have complications chewing or speaking.


To live with an uneven smile can cause adverse health effects and self-esteem issues. A smile makeover can completely change the way a person feels about themselves. Straightening a smile may be life-changing.

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