Are Dental Veneers for Everyone?

Posted on: November 16, 2018

People face different types of dental issues, and porcelain veneers make a suitable solution for many of those issues. If you have teeth stains, discolorations, chipped, broken or unattractive teeth, veneers can provide the perfect solution.

Knowing that, the question arises, “Are dental veneers for everyone?” Unfortunately, not everyone is the right candidate for veneers. In this article, we focused on the applications of veneers and how dentists decide if you are suitable for them.

When are veneers appropriate?

As mentioned previously, veneers can correct various dental issues, and although deep stains can be tough to remove with traditional teeth whitening methods, veneers can instantly make the teeth look whiter and straighten crooked teeth.

Cases like irregularly spaced, chipped, injured and disproportionate teeth can also be fixed using veneers. Thus, if you have many dental problems, veneers may be a preferable method for quick repair.

Healthy teeth

Veneers have to be placed on healthy teeth. For patients experiencing gum diseases or with a case of severe tooth decay, it is better not to get veneers at all. In such situations, the dentist will recommend treating the underlying conditions before placing the veneers.

Healthy tooth enamel

To install veneers, they must bond well to the enamel, the first layer of the tooth. If a more significant part of the tooth is lost or the enamel has degraded, then it would be hard to place the veneers. In this situation, veneers are not the suitable restoration.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism) is a common issue many people deal with unknowingly. The drawback of veneers is that despite their durability, their strength is not comparable to the natural teeth. Due to this, the sort of force induced during teeth grinding or clenching can damage the veneers quickly.

Dentists recommend wearing a mouth guard and relaxation techniques to deal with bruxism. If you deal with this condition, consult your dentist before getting veneers.

Proper teeth alignment

Although veneers can repair unevenly spaced or crooked teeth, they are not useful for people with severe teeth misalignment.

Why is this?

The placement of the jaws in people with bad teeth alignment mean that they will continuously place undue pressure on the veneers when biting or chewing. This could cause the veneer to crack, break or chip. Teeth misalignment can be fixed with orthodontic techniques such as braces, but patients should know that the correction process could take a while.

Provision of an attractive smile

Veneers are probably the quickest and easiest method of getting a perfect smile and dentition. In contrast to other dental restorations that require multiple dental visits and several months of treatment, veneers can be placed in a single dental appointment. Veneers make an excellent solution for people who are not content with certain aspects of their smile, because they can give them the smile they have always craved.

If you need cosmetic restoration, you need to consult your dentist about the procedure to determine if dental veneers will be a suitable solution for your teeth.

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