Are Clear Braces a Popular Option for Teeth Straightening?

Clear Braces Delray Beach, FL

Clear braces, also called ceramic braces, use ceramic, tooth-colored brackets rather than the traditional metal brackets for teeth straightening. They work in the same way as metal braces, utilizing brackets and wires to pull teeth into better alignment. More people are starting to choose clear braces over alternative solutions due to the benefits they provide.

Teeth straightening: why are clear braces a popular option?

Clear braces offer a more discreet treatment option when compared with metal braces while still providing the same quality results. They also do not require removal (unlike clear aligners), and treatment is monitored by a dental professional to ensure quality, long-lasting results.

Clear braces are more discreet

One of the complaints about traditional metal braces is that the brackets and wires are highly visible. This is not the case with clear braces as a ceramic material (which is tooth-colored) is used instead of metal. Although it is not invisible, clear braces are much harder to notice when compared with traditional metal braces.

Clear braces offer the same benefits as metal braces

The metal material with traditional braces is stronger than ceramic, and they subsequently may be slightly more damage resistant. However, as it pertains to the success of treatment, ceramic braces work just as well as traditional metal braces. This means the time it takes to straighten misalignments is the same with metal braces, and the final results are high-quality, providing a symmetrical smile for the patient.

Clear braces do not require removal

Clear braces are often compared with clear aligners. Clear aligners are removable, which requires the patient to be much more responsible and not misplace them or allow them to get dirty. Patients who choose clear braces do not have this concern as they do not require removal. This is particularly useful for younger patients that may be more prone to misplace or forget to wash clear aligners.

Treatment is monitored by a dental professional

The entire treatment process is monitored by a dental professional, so patients can feel comfortable knowing they will be able to achieve the desired results. If there are any concerns, then the dentist can detect them early and avoid them from affecting the quality or timeline of treatment.

The results can last for a long time with proper aftercare

The results from clear braces should last for a lifetime as long as the patient wears their retainer properly and follows all additional aftercare instructions provided by the dentist. Therefore, in addition to more convenient treatment, patients can know that the results will not go away as long as they follow a proper aftercare plan.

Find out more about the benefits of clear braces

Here at our dental practice, we believe clear braces are a great form of teeth straightening for many who want an effective and discreet treatment solution for all types of misalignments. To learn more and to begin the clear braces treatment process, call our team and arrange a time for a consultation visit.

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