6 Tips To Prevent Bad Breath

We have all been there — after brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth according to the dentist’s guideline, you found yourself worried about the smell of your breath. You may indeed have bad breath, and it may create an awkward situation, especially when it is a first date or an important business. It does not change who you are, but it will probably discourage people from drawing too close when you are talking.

Tips to avoid bad breath

Since we all try to avoid those situations, it is only reasonable to find ways to prevent bad breath. In this article, we focused on crucial oral care tips that will keep your breath smelling good.

Food is not always the issue

Yes, tobacco and garlic may not have the most appealing smell, but they are not the direct cause of halitosis. Instead, the scent is a result of food byproduct. The leftover bacteria in the food debris cause bad breath because they contain sulfur, which does not smell very good.

Clean the tongue properly

Although bacteria sit on the teeth and gums, they also can be found on the tongue. If you look at your tongue closely, there are many grooves on it. The surface is uneven and traps bacteria. Ensure you brush your tongue meticulously; it is vital for fresh breath.

Use the mirror

If you do not have your friend nearby and are worried about the smell of your breath, you can examine your mirror in the nearest mirror by sticking out your tongue. Check the tongue surface for any coating. If it is present, the chances are that it would be whitish. A white coating is a likely sign of bad breath.

Consider a double approach

Brushing helps but brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush is better. Complement that with an antibacterial toothpaste, and you will have fresh breath. There are many effective, quality electric brushes on the market, but make sure your choice is gentle on the gums.

Consider keeping a backup

By backup, we are not saying breath spray. If there is no toothbrush or toothpaste nearby, you can keep a tongue cleaner as a handy option. Although it will not perform the chemical antibacterial functions of the toothpaste, it will remove unwanted debris and bacteria from the mouth. It is more convenient to carry as well.

Hydration is important

Drinking water is not just good for digestion, thirst, or complexion alone. It also keeps your mouth hydrated and prevents bad breath. Water is the most convenient way of ensuring the mouth stays clean because saliva is a regular cleaner of the oral cavity.

When we sleep, the mouth becomes dry and saliva production decreases. This allows bacteria to grow, which leads to bad morning breath. It would be a good idea to keep a bottle of water near your bed, and at your desk, so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

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