5 Tips for Getting Accustomed to Your New Dentures

Posted on: June 2, 2018

5 Tips for Getting Accustomed to Your New Dentures

Dentures are an affordable way to replace missing teeth, especially when you lose most of your natural teeth. There are many reasons why a person might end up missing some of their teeth. It can be the result of dental issues like tooth decay or gum disease, or it can result from trauma.

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, about 178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth, while around 35 million have lost all of their natural teeth. Older members of the population are more likely to be missing all of their natural teeth.

Tooth replacement options

Being toothless is certainly not a pleasant thought for most people. Your teeth are an important part of who you are. The teeth are one of the first things people notice about your appearance. Healthy teeth are viewed as signs of attractiveness and youth while missing or damaged teeth are signs of age and unattractiveness.

With so many negative connotations surrounding missing teeth, it is no surprise people with subpar smiles tend to feel self-conscious – especially when interacting with strangers. That is where dentures come in. Dentures can easily help you restore your smile, and it will not make a huge dent in a wallet.

Dentures are not just for aesthetic reasons. These dental prosthetics also help you to regain the natural function of your teeth. With dentures, you will be able to once again enjoy your favorite foods and speak properly. Getting used to these dental prosthetics can take some time, but there are a few things the wearer can do to shorten the adjustment period. Here is a look at a few of these:

1. Get dentures that are customized for you

When shopping for dental prosthetics, it can be tempting to go with one of the cheaper alternatives, but these are typically on an assembly line. That usually leads to loose fitting dentures. Dentures that do not fit properly in the mouth tend to shift around as you perform tasks like eating and speaking.

You are better off spending a little bit more and getting dentures that a dentist customizes for the patient's mouth. This will give you a more secure fit. When you get dentures, it is also a good idea to practice speaking and chewing with them before performing these tasks in public. This will help to increase your confidence.

2. Take good care of them

When you properly maintain dentures, the proper fit will last longer. That makes them more comfortable in your mouth.

3. Get it adjusted if you do not like the fit

If you are having a hard time adjusting to your dentures, your dentist might be able to make them more comfortable by adjusting them. Seek professional assistance on adjustments before attempting anything on your own.

4. Soak it in denture solution

Soaking your dentures in denture solution helps to clean and soften it. This makes it more comfortable in your mouth.

5. Visit your dentist regularly

Like any other dental prosthetic, the best way to ensure your dentures remain comfortable is by visiting your dentist the moment you notice any issues.

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