4 Reasons to Consider a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Posted on: March 18, 2020

full mouth reconstruction Delray Beach, FL

If you have suffered significant damage to your jaw, face or teeth, you may need full mouth reconstruction. Generally, this means undergoing multiple dental procedures and, sometimes, oral surgery. At the end of the treatment, you will have the complete function of your oral cavity. If you are still deliberating on this procedure, continue reading to find out why this procedure may be necessary.

Why consider full mouth reconstruction?

The following are reasons to visit a dentist for full mouth reconstruction:

Facial trauma from an accident

Facial trauma is one of the most common reasons many people require a full mouth reconstruction. When a person has been involved in an auto crash and experiences facial trauma, there is a high probability that they may also suffer broken bones around the face and jaw. Lost, cracked or chipped teeth are also one of the aftermaths of facial trauma. This creates a need for an extensive treatment process for restoring dental function and facial appearance.

Several teeth are missing

When someone has suffered severe teeth loss, it is imperative to replace the missing teeth as soon as possible. If the process is delayed, it may usher in other problems such as gum recession and jawbone deterioration, which will consequently cause the collapse of facial structure.

With full mouth reconstruction, the dentist can restore recessed gums and jawbone with bone grafts. The common solution for lost teeth is dental implants, which will not only restore tooth function but preserve the structure of the jawbone. They replace the root and structure of the lost tooth. In the case of multiple lost teeth, implants can also be used to support bridges and dentures.

Severe dental decay and gum disease

Usually, gum disease treatment and tooth decay are treated independently. However, when a patient’s health has deteriorated to an extent where the teeth are in bad shape, then the patient may have to undergo multiple procedures over time: for instance, gum grafts and dental implants. Before then, the patient will be treated for teeth and gum infections to restore oral health.

Eating has become difficult

When a person is dealing with multiple dental health issues, simple processes like eating become challenging. It would be hard to go through a plate of fibrous vegetables or meat without dealing with significant pain. This may force many patients to eat only soft foods, which are often processed and less nutritious. It is necessary to correct teeth and jaw issues that may be making eating difficult with full mouth reconstruction. After treatment, patients will be able to enjoy their favorite foods and get the essential nutrients their bodies require once more.

Final note

If you think you might benefit from a full mouth reconstruction, book an appointment with your dentist to be sure. During your meeting, the dentist will perform the necessary evaluation, including x-ray scans, and inform you of how you can get your smile back. There are different dental procedures to restore the bones and teeth, and since every patient is unique, the dentist will prepare a customized treatment plan.

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